Tuesday, November 28, 2017

River Valley: Town

I started doing some mockups of the River Valley town module. It's going to be very minimal if I can help it, a couple buildings or a couple houses at most. Just enough to convey that there's a town. I can't decide if they highway should be "Main Street" or if the highway should be perpendicular to it.

The real meat of the town will be the co-op and scrap yard built on a quad module and irregularly shaped S module. Placement of things here is more straightforward, obviously the elevator and fertilizer shed go on the elevator spur, and the scrap yard office somewhere on it's spur.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FDDM 411 GE 70 Ton

Starting the railroad season off with a quick (and dirty) project. I need Diesel for the Kate Shelley Division fall swap meet contest. Needing an engine for shoving cars under the loader at the elevator, I took this opportunity to build a Fort Dodge, Des Moines, and Southern GE 70T. Bachmann makes a superb little engine with DCC that is pretty inexpensive. It also comes from Bachmann in the GE orange and cream paint scheme that some of the FDDM units used making this a simple decal and dirt job. Decals were printed myself on Testors paper. I also added a teeny (non functional) beacon and a radio antenna.The final plan is to install a sound bug in the elevator with a good size speaker rather than try to cram sound inside the shell.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cutting T-Trak Boxes

Here are some dimensions used for a few of the modules. The big quad I have planned and the two singles that are already done are standard widths and depths. Shown in the picture is an inside corner that is also pretty standard as is the double.Also in the drawing is the proposed modification to my end caps, knocking the corners off. I have no idea how you'd scenic those corners so I just eliminated them.

The real variance from typical T-Trak specs are the polygons for the s curve and the s curve with a couple of spur extensions. These ought to be a real challenge to get glued up...

To make the boxes I'm ripping 1/4" sanded plywood into 2 1/4" strips. This will allow a 2" piece of foam to slip in and have 1/4" of clearance for wires and the mounting pads for feet. I screwed up several cuts, but all modules on the proposed arrangement were cut from two 2'x4' panels.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CNW Condolas: PRIDE

I managed to get just one of the CNW Gondola Fleet finished in time for the KSD contest. It was a fairly basic job, simply stripped, built the bulkheads from Evergreen channel and brass sheet, paint,
apply decals, weather, done.

This is my first model with Micro Trains' new True-Scale couplers. Honestly, They look very nice. The air hose is a nice touch. They appear to couple easily, and decouple with a tool like a toothpick just as easily. They are TINY and somewhat fragile. Honestly, I probably won't be converting anything though. They're not compatible with anything else and don't see the necessity. These will get swapped out for standard 1015's. I will definitely use them on display models though, they look great.