Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drawing A Plan

I reviewed reposts of the original Carolina Central plan as well as peeked at the Getting Started book on Google Books. It all provided exactly the information needed to draw one up using XtrackCad. I had a little trouble making the switch on the right fit, not sure how it fits on the real thing but I had to move it around the curve just a bit to get things to line up (or at least be fudgeably close). I even took the time to learn how to run trains with XtrackCad. Pretty crude, but cool none the less.

The complete parts list for this version, the .xtc file is available as well:

Count | Description
  34 | Atlas 2501 5in Straight
    7 | Atlas 2510 9 3/4R full section
    9 | Atlas 2520 11R full section
    2 | Atlas 2521 11R half section
    4 | Atlas 2526 19R section
    2 | Atlas 2532 Rerailer Track
    2 | Atlas 2546 Warren Truss Bridge
    4 | Atlas 2750 Custom Std #4 LH Switch
    4 | Atlas 2751 Custom Std #4 RH Switch
    2 | Atlas XXX 1 1/4in Straight
    3 | Atlas XXX 2 1/2in Straight
    4 | Atlas XXX 5/8in Straight
    0 | 11.394 N Flex Track               

Much to my delight I've got everything but the Warren Truss Bridges (I don't really care for them and might sub them for some plate girder bridges instead). All the curves and switches required are in the box and I think there's enough scraps of flex track to do the straights. The switches are hideous, they have a giant manual switch machine attached but I have an idea in my head about chopping that thing off and adding a spring like this:

There are also enough scraps of pink foam in the garage to be able to stick a 28"x80" piece together. Now on the lookout for discount door...