Sunday, February 10, 2013

Foam and Track Fittment

Over the past week or two I've made fair progress, starting with gluing all the scraps of insulation I had left back together to make a 80"x30" rectangle. The original plan was for a 28" door, but all my pieces added up to 30". I figure this provides a little flexibility when I go shopping for a door. Exactly what you want isn't always what  you get when you shop the ReStore and the bargain pile at Menards. Of course one afternoon I was in the store getting some things for work and found a near perfect 30" door for $10 with only minor dings, but since I was on work time I passed it up. By the time I got back up there later it was of course gone!

I also cut and fit nearly all the track. The end curves are all 11" and 9" sectional track, as are the 19" curves for the sidings. A majority of the straight sections are scraps of flex track of various lengths, but there are a few pieces of sectional here and there, including the rerailer sections in the back. I have not decided what to use for road bed, but I am seriously considering cutting my own from foam weather strip tape. We'll see how that goes I guess. I do also need to pickup a couple of bridges. I won a Blair Line gift certificate as a door prize at the NMRA Kate Shelley Division swap meet last fall, so I'll be ordering the same trestle kit used by Marty McGuirk on his original. Also need to pick up a couple deck girder bridges yet.