Monday, July 14, 2014

CNW Hopper Fleet: Getting Dirty

Over the past couple days I began weathering this portion of the fleet. In my chosen era most of these cars are either new or have been repainted within about 5 years. Because of this they require only light weathering. Easy does it has not typically been my forte when weathering but they aren't half bad.

I used craft paint for the weathering, just 2 colors, Pebble and Burnt Umber. I mixed the paint on a palate with window washer fluid working the paint into the "thinner" a little at a time until I thought it looked about right. Then I used a wedge shaped makeup sponge to wipe the thinned paint down the side of the cars top to bottom. All 4 received a Pebble bath, and the two green ones also received a Burnt Umber bath. The car with the top rib got heavier weathering on the ends beyond the rib as per some photos I found online. Trucks were painted with straight from the bottle Burnt Umber and couplers lightly dry brushed.  The ex Rock hopper didn't turn out great but the others are ok. I have yet to seal them with another coat of flat clear so I may wash that one down and try again.