Sunday, January 21, 2018

Return Loop Modules

I've finished up the return loop modules. These are 4" wide double and quad length modules that complete the return loop on the home layout. They probably won't be sceniced at all, their only purpose is to allow continuous running. If some day backdrops get put up on the rest of the layout you won't see them anyway. I'm thinking there could also be some staging sidings put on them, actually, there probably will be, because as it stands, there is nowhere to park anything.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

CNW Hopper Fleet: Status Update

Nearly four years ago I started on a fleet of CNW covered hoppers. Circling back around to it now, it's grown from the original desire for 12 to about 16. Here's how it breaks down:
  • 2x PS 4427 low side (1 green, 1 Continental patch) (Exact Rail)
  • 2x ACF 4650 (green) (Intermountain)
  • 2x PS 4750 (1 green, 1 pea green) (Intermountain)
  • 1x FMC 4700 (green) (Precision Masters)
  • 1x PS 4427 high side (green) (Micro Trains)
  • 1x Ingalls 4750 (gray) (Precision Masters)
  • 1x Thrall 4750 (blue CRIP patch) (Atlas)
Given the ratios I talked about earlier, this is pretty heavy on the oddball stuff and light on the ubiquitous PS 4750. As such, I'm on the lookout for some of the old Precision Masters cars to fill in. A guy can only paint and decal so many hoppers. I've seen scads of them in CNW livery so it shouldn't be had to find 3-4 of them in green. Also would like to do another high side 4427, and of course the Marine Ind. cylindrical hoppers need to get done yet...

I did manage to slob some more dirt on the things that are on the roster already and take a group photo on the bench.