Thursday, March 21, 2013

Revisions Are Unavoidable

I just can't stick to a plan I guess. I ran trains around this quite a bit, and as I mentioned earlier, I just don't like the switchback. I want to be able to switch cars in and out of the spur on the right, but can't because the spur on the left is always blocking moves to the right when there are cars on both tracks. Now don't get me wrong here, this is being built to be a roundy rounder. Mostly I just want to watch, but I might want to swap cars out every 3rd pass or something, and I wan't to be able to do it without fiddling around with a switchback.

So here it is. The River Valley Central v.2. Using no more track, and re arranging the two industry spurs, the switchback is gone. The industry on the right is now serviced directly from the siding, and the industry at the left can have cars spotted on either track without interfering with things on the right. Things are a bit cramped on the left, but the river can be pushed wherever it needs to go.

The "interchange" was also shortened and moved to the right a bit, it now holds about as many cars as fit on the "staging" siding in the back and the passing siding on the front. Additionally, there's a sweet spot for a depot to sit just to the left of it. I'm not sure if the "interchange" will be used for interchange, or as a starting point for another railroads trackage rights with the end point represented in the staging area. I guess it doesn't matter what it is, which ever way the wind blows is the way it will get used.