Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CNW Condolas: PRIDE

I managed to get just one of the CNW Gondola Fleet finished in time for the KSD contest. It was a fairly basic job, simply stripped, built the bulkheads from Evergreen channel and brass sheet, paint,
apply decals, weather, done.

This is my first model with Micro Trains' new True-Scale couplers. Honestly, They look very nice. The air hose is a nice touch. They appear to couple easily, and decouple with a tool like a toothpick just as easily. They are TINY and somewhat fragile. Honestly, I probably won't be converting anything though. They're not compatible with anything else and don't see the necessity. These will get swapped out for standard 1015's. I will definitely use them on display models though, they look great.


  1. Great job on the gon Kyle and thanks for the review on the M/T True-Scale couplers.